EMAT Adapter GS2020

The EMAT Adaptor GS2020 provides NDT inspection with the advantages of non-contact EMAT transducers for pulse-echo flaw detection and thickness gauging, without the large capital outlay of replacing existing piezoelectric based flaw inspection systems and thickness/corrosion monitors.

The video gives a demonstration of our high temperature EMAT and standard EMAT working with our GS2020 EMAT adapter along with MITECH's ultrasonic flaw detector.  

If you're interested in the GS2020, or any of our other products or services, please contact us - we will be happy to help with your inspection needs.

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The EMAT Adaptor GS2020 provides: 

  • A bridge between an EMAT probe and a flaw detector designed for piezoelectric transducers.
  • Low power averaging electronics, such that the signal-to-noise performance of the EMAT measurement is dramatically improved.
  • Automatic gain control (AGC), increasing reliability and inspection speed whilst eliminating the need for operators to adjust EMAT stand-off or the gain setting on the flaw detector.
  • Compatibility with almost all standard flaw detectors ― contact us for more information or a free trial with your flaw detector.  

The GS2020 is designed to work with modern NDT inspection systems with a suitable EMAT (provided as part of the package). It has sufficient signal strength and resolving power to operate on:

  • Oxide coated ferritic steel components
  • Non-oxide coated ferritic steel components 
In certain circumstances, measurement of austenitic stainless steel is possible as shown in the figures below:

Sonemat's GS2020 EMAT adapters are sold with a standard bulk shear wave EMAT ( HWS2225-GC) - please contact us for pricing. 

GS2020 Specifications:

Dimensions  191 X 137 X 37 mm approx.
Weight 1 kg (inc. battery)
Storage temperature  -10 °C – +60 °C
Operating temperature 0 °C – +40 °C
Operating humidity 0 – 90%
Maximum Input voltage 1000 V, 100 ns pulse width @ 1 kHz
Maximum Output voltage           +/- 500 mV
Bandwidth 500 kHz – 10 MHz
Power 4 X AA Battery (approx. 12hrs battery life)
Connections 3 X LEMO 00 coaxial

Further details on Sonemat's GS2020 EMAT Adaptor can be found in the product brochure: