High Temperature Radially Polarised Shear Wave EMAT 


A high temperature version (HWS2220-VC) of the normal Incidence radially polarised shear wave EMAT for continuous use at temperatures up to 550°C without water cooling. This EMAT is able to operate long term at high temperatures due to the application of an advanced magnet and coil design. 

The EMAT can be used for the following types of thickness measurement inspections:

  • Portable measurements
  • Continuous monitoring applications with permanent installation
  • Scanning applications, due to large lift off tolerance on oxide coated ferritic steels

This EMAT takes advantage of the magnetostrictive effect on oxide coated ferritic steels to increase EMAT efficiency, such that large signals are obtained even at high temperatures. 

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Type: Pulse-echo
Working Principle: Magnetostrictive effect - for operation on oxide coated ferritic steel. 
Wave Type: Normal incidence, centro-symmetric radially polarised bulk shear wave.
Excitation Frequency: Broadband (spike), optimised for peak energy around 5 MHz.
Working voltage: 400 V - 1000 V.
Magnet Type: High temperature permanent magnet; working field normal to sample.
Connector: BNC Standard 50 Ω.
Temperature Range: 0 -  550 °c.
Recommended Driver: Sonemat GS2020 EMAT adaptor box with any modern flaw detector, or Sonemat PR pulser-reciever.
Options: High temperature coaxial cable length or connector to customer specification. 
Price: Please contact us for pricing.