Water-Cooled Radially Polarised Bulk Shear Wave EMAT - HWS2235-WCT


Water cooled version (HWS2235-WCT) of the popular HWS2235 shear wave EMAT, for use in inspection of hot surfaces up to 1000 °c.

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Type: Pulse-echo
Working Principle: Lorentz (will also use magnetostrictive effect if available).
Wave Type: Normal incidence, centro-symmetric radially polarised bulk shear wave.
Excitation Frequency: Broadband (spike), optimised for peak energy around 5 MHz.
Working Voltage: 400 V - 1000 V.
Magnet Type: Single Neodymium Iron Boride (NIB) magnet; working field normal to sample.
Connector: BNC Standard 50 Ω.
Temperature Range: 0 - 1000 °c.
Recommended Driver: Sonemat GS2020 EMAT adaptor box with any modern flaw detector, or Sonemat PR5000 EMAT Pulser-Reciever.
Price: Please contact us for pricing.