Ultracouple Dry Couplant

Ultracouple is a novel dry couplant fluid for use coupling ultrasound between piezoelectric transducers and the object under test without the use of liquids.
Ultracouple is delivered in the form of a 2 part liquid, such that you can mould the couplant into the shape suitable for your application. Its high deformability allows it to couple to rough or uneven surfaces. In addition, its relative softness means less pressure is required to ensure a good coupling than with many other dry couplants. Ultracouple is non-toxic and non-hazardous.

Ultracouple Specifications 

Material Type Silicone 
Weight 1.1 kg
Viscosity 4 Pa·s
Cure Procedure 4 hrs @ 65°C, 15 mins @150°C
Working Time  8 hrs
Operating Temperature (Set)           -55°C - 200 °C
Tear Strength (Set) 2700 N/m
Tensile Strength (Set) 6.2 N/mm2
Young's Modulus (Set)   0.173 MPa
Elongation (Set) 100%
Dielectric Strength (Set) 24 kV/mm
Ultrasonic Attenuation (Set)  ≈ 1 dB/mm @ 5 MHz
Colour (Set) Transparent