Texture Measurement System - TE100


Sonemat offers a fully integrated, automatic ultrasonic crystallographic texture measurement system, the TE100, for use on metal sheets.  

Determination of texture can be performed by X-ray pole figure analysis, and now is increasingly achieved with electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD). However, these processes typically take several hours, and involve the removal of sample sections of the metal. 

Sonemat's compact TE100 system allows rapid, non-contact, non-destructive measurement of the key orientation distribution coefficients (ODCs) that describe the crystallographic texture of metal sheets.  Using ultrasound Lamb waves generated/detected by EMATs, we can measure the anisotropy of a sheet of metal in less than half a minute at maximum speed. 

The images below show the TE100 system laptop, control box and EMAT scanning head, along with screenshots of the software interface showing data acquisition and analysis. 

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  • Ultrasonic texture measurement system in our labs. The whole system can easily be transported by car

For more information on the science behind ultrasonic texture measurements, follow this link. Note: Source is external to Sonemat's website. 


TE100 Specifications

Control Box Dimensions 44 x 30 x 18 cm
Scanning Head Dimensions     23 x 30 (H x D) cm
Control Box Weight  9 kg
Scanning Head Weight
6.5 kg
Operating Temperature 10 °C – +35 °C
Operating Humidity 10 – 75%
Typical Output Voltage 800 V, 10 ms pulse width @ 20 Hz
Bandwidth 50 kHz – 2 MHz
Power 240 v / 110 v AC at < 1 A (or battery)
Connections Mains, USB, PCMCIA