Shear Horizontal Wave EMATs

Periodic Shear Horizontal (SH) wave EMATs (SHG1031-S/SHD1031-S) designed for Pitch-Catch with broadband drivers (e.g. Low Frequency Pulser, available on request) or using a toneburst system.

These EMATs generate a shear horizontal wave either as a plate mode in a thin sheet, or a bulk wave in thicker material with the angle of propagation dependent on the driving frequency. This allows it to be used in a range of novel applications, such as frequency controlled scanning.
(UPDATE): Miniature and broadband SH EMATs, as developed by our research partner organisation the University of Warwick, are now available - please enquire for details!


Type: Pitch-Catch (generator or detector). Can also operate in Pulse-Echo mode. 
Working Principle: Lorentz. 
Wave Type: Shear Horizontal (SH) guided wave (can also generate and detect Rayleigh waves under correct conditions).
Excitation Frequency: Typically optimised for spatial wavelength 10 mm (approx. 300kHz on thin steel). A wide range of other wavelengths (including custom builds) are available - please enquire for details.
Working Voltage: 400 V - 1000 V.
Magnet Type: Neodymium Iron Boride (NIB) magnet array. 
Wear Face: Ceramic or metal - customer specification.
Connector: BNC Standard 50 Ω .  
Temperature Range: 0 - 80 °c.
Recommended Driver: Sonemat's HPP2000 High Power Pulser (generator), Sonemat SAA1000 Standalone Amplifier (detector), or Ritec's RPR4000 High Power Pulser-Receiver
Options:  High performance extra long option available. Alternative wavelengths available on request.
Price: Please contact us for pricing.