Pulser-Receiver Piezoelectric - PRP5000


Designed and built in response to customer demand, Sonemat's Pulser-Receiver Piezoelectric PRP series is a low cost entry level pulse-echo system. The PRP is designed for use with a wide variety of piezoelectric transducers operating in a broadband mode for probes designed to operate between 500 kHz to 10 MHz. 

It is supplied as mains powered as standard, but a battery operated version is available at a slightly higher cost if required. This unit is ideal for training or teaching purposes for basic ultrasonic measurements, being easy to set up and use and it is also readily interfaced with either an oscilloscope or another data capture device.

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PRP Specifications

Dimensions  190 X 320 X 130 mm  - or to customer specifications
Signal Out          +/- 3V max.
Bandwidth 500 kHz – 10 MHz
Power 240 V or 110 V AC at < 1 A
Connections BNC standard