MITECH Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges 


MITECH has a range of digital ultrasonic thickness gauges for accurate thickness measurements on a variety of materials, including: metals, plastics, ceramics and glasses.  

Ultrasonic thickness gauge are widely in a number of industries, such as the petrochemical, nuclear, energy generation, materials processing, marine and aerospace. Applications include corrosion and erosion monitoring of pipelines, boilers, vessels and tanks, in addition to precise thickness measurements for processing industries. 

MITECH's range of thickness gauges come with an extensive list of features which are detailed in the technical specification brochures linked below - prices vary according to model.  

If interested, please contact us for more information or a formal quotation.  
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Brochures of MITECH's range of Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge can be found using the the following links, please enquire for prices: