Lamb Wave EMAT

Lamb wave generator and detector EMATs (ELG1635-S/ELD1635-S) for use with broadband or toneburst excitation.

Applications include: guided wave detection of defects in plate/pipe/tank wall, and medium range wall thickness monitoring.


Type: Pitch-Catch (generator or detector)
Working Principle: Lorentz (will also use magnetostrictive effect if available).
Wave Type: Lamb (can also generate and detect Rayleigh waves under correct conditions).
Excitation Frequency: Optimised for spatial wavelength 16 mm (approx. 188 kHz on steel)
Working Voltage: 800 V - 1000 V.
Magnet Type: Single Neodymium Iron Boride (NIB) magnet; working field normal to sample.
Wear Face: Ceramic or metal - customer specification.
Connector: BNC Standard 50 Ω .  
Temperature Range: 0 - 80 °c.
Recommended Driver: Sonemat's HPP2000 High Power Pulser (generator), Sonemat SAA1000 Standalone Amplifier (detector), or Ritec's RPR4000 High Power Pulser-Receiver
Options: High temperature variants are available. Alternative wavelengths available on request.
Price: Please contact us for pricing.